Tortilla Casa

All the most beautiful stories ever told were conceived in sincere love. Whether it is love for other people, their cultures and customs, or love for what smells are coming from these people’s kitchens.


The satisfaction of every taste bud

Tortilla Casa was born out of the love of good food and the friendship of several young enthusiasts who visited famous world destinations to bring us the best tastes. For that particular purpose, they chose Mexico.


Fresh ingredients every day

We decided to serve delicious and fresh Mexican food quickly and simply. The variety of dishes and always fresh ingredients bought on the domestic market enable healthy eating in this busy lifestyle.


A handful of combinations

Combinations of different types of meat, vegetables, coatings, and spices of your choice will delight even those with the most demanding tastes. But, most of all, we like to socialize and enjoy culinary delicacies!


Healthy food in a busy life

Our goal was to make great food by applying high standards to all our ingredients in order to provide your body with the proper fuel for today's pace of life.

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